Hubert Deroche (Chair of the Board) – I feel we are fortunate people in our communities. We are surrounded by all kinds of support, physical and mental health, financial, friendships, families, etc, It is important that those who receive give back in order to grow and evolve as a person and a community.
ASPEN WINDS is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people in our communities. In doing so it has a direct impact on the quality of life in our communities. The organisation involves many people who go above and beyond towards achieving these goals.
– Manager, staff, caregivers of the organisation
– Family services staff
– Board members
– Financial supporters
– Families, partners, friends, community organisations who support the people involved with the cause
– The people we serve which in their own way do their best

It is indeed a privilege to be part of this movement Aspen Winds.

Dans nos villages nous sommes très chanceux d’avoir beaucoup de support de sante physique et mentale, financiere, famille, amis, etc. On a beaucoup a être reconnaissant pour. Il est important de redonner pour que nous comme communauté et comme personne.
VENT DE TREMBLE est une organisation qui a mission d’aider aux personnes vulnérables à atteindre leur potentiel. En faisant ainsi la vie de ces personnes et celles de la communauté. Au sien de l’organisation il y a beaucoup de personnes qui se dépassent afin d’atteindre ce but.
La gérante et son équipe de personnes soutiens
L’équipe de service a la famille
Membres du bureau de direction
Soutiens financiers
Les familles, partenaires, amis, autres organisations qui supporte les personnes impliquer dans la cause.
Enfin, les personnes qu’on sert qui a leur manière font de leur mieux.

C’est un privilège de faire partie de ce mouvement Vent de Tremble

Gerry Archambault (Vice Chair)

Lorraine DeBaets (Secretary) – I began my volunteer time on the Board of “The Residence” as it fit my background in justice, social and victim services.  Over the years my life has been enriched by the participants, staff and fellow volunteers.  Notre Dame de Lourdes has always impressed me through its support and generosity.  A community that looks out for one another, lifts one another up and celebrates every person is successful.  This is what Aspen Winds is about – community, connection and compassion.

**Position Open** (Treasurer)

Marcel Dansereau

Holly Hamilton – When I was approached to become a board member of Aspen Winds I was really not aware of all the activities that took place in this organization. I continue to be amazed by the direct service providers, the executive directors, the families but in particular by the participants. When I started as a board member I thought my role would be to contribute to the organization however it is the opposite. The team at Aspen Winds demonstrates kindness, friendship, love, and  bring perfection to an
imperfect world.

Murray Harrison

RoseAnne Monchamp – In 2003 I was approached by Mountain Industries (Our former company name) to fill a mat leave for the activity position. I really enjoyed working with the clients and when I finished the term I was invited to join the board. I was on the board for about 14 years before the amalgamation with the Residence in which I stepped down because of the numbers. This year I was once again approached to join the board of Aspen Winds which I accepted as this is an important part of our community.

If you’re interested in joining, please give us a call at 204-248-2154.