How did we choose the name Aspen Winds?

It has been said that the early land surveyors of this region made specific mention of the rolling hills covered with Aspen trees that trembled and shimmered in the winds.

Just as the Aspen Tree is known for its far reaching root system and ability to grow quickly we believe our name represents the grounding that our Day and Residential Programs can provide for our clients and like the flexible branches of the Aspen, our programs allows for the individual needs of our clients to be met and to grow and shimmer in the prairie winds.

The Aspen Tree often sprouts many branches which also represents the multifaceted programming opportunities that our organization can provide in numerous centres within our region.

Like the Aspen Tree, Aspen Winds; representing clients, families, stakeholders and programs, continues to grow and thrive throughout our region allowing the prairie winds to help us shimmer and shine.